Most people reading this have probably heard of tantric practices, but in the Western world, our concept of the subject is frequently immersed in overwhelming sexual overtones and overtly vocal boasts from supposed tantric rock stars and life coaches with prominent platforms.

The world of tantra is immense and encapsulates many aspects of our everyday experiences, from individual to interpersonal. It's hard to talk about tantra comprehensively in brief terms, but it is possible to look at particular aspects and consider how implementing them into an individual life or set of relationship practices may prove beneficial.

Talking tantra

Tantra is a culture and spiritual practice unto itself, but for the purposes of understanding its potential use in a relationship, we're going to imagine tantra as an available set of ideals and tools to investigate alone or under the guidance of a tantric educator, a licensed clinical sexologist or a relationship counselor.

Lawrence Siegel, M.A., CSE, who is based out of Boynton Beach, Florida, has