Are you bored with your current sexual script? Do you lack energy and sex drive? Would you like a deeper connection with your sexual partner?

If you answered “yes” to one or all of those questions, you may be curious about tantric sex. Practitioners insist it can help with a host of bedroom concerns and expand sexual curiosities, while for the uninitiated, it tends to carry an air of mystery.

So what is tantric about, and is it worth doing?

Tantra is "a system of weaving the mind, body and spirit together,” according to Jasmine Aurielle, a sexual wellness practitioner and certified yoga teacher at Manifestation Erotica in Atlanta. Dating back to 300 CE in India, tantric sex has the goal of connecting two partners' inner spirits through “intentional touch” such as cuddling and caressing as well as meditative breathing.

Reported benefits of tantra include reduced anxiety and stress, increased