Edging isn’t just a penis thing. Anyone—regardless of what genitals they have—can increase the intensity of their orgasm by attempting to control when they come. But many are curious about the benefits of edging for the penis: Can it improve erections? Can it cure premature ejaculation? Are there even any health benefits to this orgasm trend?

If you’re unfamiliar, the technique of edging is when a penis is stimulated until the very brink of climax and—right before ejaculation—the stimulation stops. Once you’ve returned to a state of lessened or non-arousal, you start the stimulation all over again. You repeat this until you either can’t hold back any longer or you’ve consciously decided to step over the “edge” and have an orgasm.

Why edge? Lucy Rowett, a Brighton-based certified sex coach and clinical sexologist in the U.K. explained that “edging helps to retrain the body and neural pathways to tolerate more pleasurable sensations—even if that doesn't sound particularly sexy—so that either when they do orgasm, the pleasure is more intense, or they can choose when to orgasm