One of the main contributing factors to performance issues in the bedroom is anxiety, or as it's better known, performance anxiety.

Sexual performance anxiety refers to a state of agitation, apprehension, nervousness and even fear about intercourse and intimacy. In essence, it is an excessive and exaggerated concern about a person's own performance during sexual activity. As with other types of performance anxiety, this condition is often persistent, unpleasant and capable of affecting individuals of all ages.

When sexual anxiety is present, a person will anticipate intimate encounters as insurmountable catastrophes. The anxious brain imagines the worst possible scenarios, and as a consequence they may feel overwhelmed, rendering themselves unable to achieve satisfactory performance in the bedroom.

Who and how?

"It is not unusual to occasionally experience sexual performance problems," said Monica Valero, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist. "It happens whether we're dating someone new or whether we have a long-standing relationship. The problem occurs when sexual anxiety becomes excessively frequent and