When I tested positive with COVID-19 last month, I felt awful. The body aches, headache and fever left me severely fatigued and uncomfortable. Having sex—or being touched at all—was the last thing on my mind.

Luckily, after two days, I was almost completely back to normal. The fever and aches were gone, and my only remaining symptoms were minor congestion and fatigue—similar to a mild cold. My husband and I are both vaccinated and share a bed, and he never got sick. Because everything seemed normal, we were both up for having sex before my quarantine ended—but would it be safe?

Sex with COVID-19

Even if you are asymptomatic or have improved symptoms from a COVID-19 infection, experts recommend not having sex until you have isolated for at least five full days.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you tested positive for COVID-19 or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, you should