A variety of factors—benign and troublesome—can affect the scent of your genitals.
A variety of factors—benign and troublesome—can affect the scent of your genitals.
A variety of factors—benign and troublesome—can affect the scent of your genitals.
This penis irritation can mostly be avoided with proper hygiene.
This penis irritation can mostly be avoided with proper hygiene.
A urologist demystifies a condition that causes inflammation of the glans penis.
Just because the condition is benign doesn't mean you should ignore the signs.
The relatively common condition can be avoided with proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.
The relatively common condition can be avoided with proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.
Adding the right foods to your diet can make anal sex more comfortable.
These painful occurrences can be the ultimate pleasure blocker, so get creative.
If you've got protuberances on your buttocks that aren't pimples, check out a few possibilities.
This summer or winter, you can find sweet relief for your scratchy testicles.
Getting itchy 'downtown' may be a problem you can solve at home.
Thrush is not just for women, so reduce your chances for fungal growth around your penis.
Phimosis and paraphimosis can affect uncircumcised men, possibly to the point of surgery.
Getting pierced in the privates has a few negatives, but the fun side is the payoff.
A prostate infection is painful, distressing and can hinder your sex life. Be informed.
This centralized network of nerves and muscles can fall prey to painful problems. What helps?
If you're planning to get some bling for your bone, you ought to consider several factors.
Yes, anal bleaching is a popular beauty trend, but is it right for you?
It's possible to elicit an allergic reaction on your partner with basic skin-to-skin contact.
Osteopath Evan Goldstein talks all things butt to educate and excite the masses.
If the thought of waxing makes you wince, try these pro tips to make the process less painful.
When your member is buried, it's still there but no longer visible on the outside.
Simply letting soapy shower water run over your body parts doesn't cut it for daily maintenance.
Pimples on your face and back are common, but they'll also pop up where you least expect them.
This routine procedure isn't limited to newborns.
If you can't isolate, follow these tips to have safer sex during an infection.
A skin condition is not an immovable barrier to romantic fulfillment.
Wherever you have wet, naked people in close quarters, sex is happening too. Guaranteed.
The average length of the prepuce isn't easy to define, but it's also not a source of concern.
Inflammation of the penis head has several risk factors, and the origin determines treatment.
Don't sweat the small stuff, unless the small stuff is hyperhidrosis.
Early detection—no surprise—and a multispecialty effort may help you avoid a penectomy.
Ready to level up your solo sessions and partner sex? There's a toy for that.
Often mistaken for an STI, penile eczema is itchy, irritating and also emotionally painful.
Your go-to guide for discovering anal plugs, beads, prostate massagers and more.
Without proper care, an infection that begins in your mouth may lead to coronary heart disease.
This penetration kink may make men feel incredible—but it's not without risks.
Your shampoo, conditioner and soap shouldn't be in the same bottle.
Celebrities may endorse skipping days or even weeks, but don't turn off the faucet just yet.
Gentle, consistent cleaning is needed to keep uncircumcised penises healthy.
Some things even you—an expert in the field—may not know about one of your favorite activities.
Does what you eat and drink really make a difference in intimate odor? Not so much.
The ultimate guide to healing so you can get on with your life.
Food in the bedroom can be fun, but it can also create a hot mess.
Instagram's That Gay Butt Stuff Doctor Carlton offers the anal analysis you need.
These little worms can be a big annoyance, but they don't have to be a big deal.
Showering after sex can feel good, but some experts question if they're necessary.
Whether it’s a little extra lubrication or full-blown orgasms, women can have wet dreams, too.
Scabies is an easily treated parasitic infection that carries a damaging social stigma.
UTIs are always a nuisance, but if they're happening with regularity, it's time to see a doctor.
Never ignore pain in your penis, because it may indicate a serious underlying problem.
Even for those locked up with a partner, self-love reigned during the pandemic.
Here's what might be causing your bad breath and how you can get rid of it.
No one's genitals are immune to this irritating fungus. But you can do something about it.
Here are some nuggets of information about everything that's packed into the scrotum.
Foreskin or no foreskin, your bits need a good cleaning. Find out how to get in there properly.
Our Q&A should encourage you to explore your hidden—and hot—erogenous zone.
It makes up a fraction of your penis, but the glans is pivotal to male health and sexuality.
Unexpected scrotum dampness can point to something beyond being too warm.
Before you go seeking new highs, check that these products won't put you at new lows.
Nighttime erections aren't just a weird penis feature. They're an indication of overall health.
Many say the announcement is a step in the right direction but no silver bullet.
More men are discovering that their partners prefer some grooming below the belt.
Here’s how to manage oral herpes breakouts and prevent them from reoccurring.
Fear not, gentlemen: Just a few additions to your daily routine will make a big difference.
Keeping it neat and clean is good for your health, confidence and relationships. Here’s how.
Because the penis plays a vital role in bodily functions, maintaining its health is essential.
Engaging in solo play is good for your mental and physical health. Just don't grip it too hard.
Learn how to naturally treat and get rid of the common problem of pubic lice at home.
The size of a man's testicles can provide a fascinating insight into his well-being.
The evolving face of men's grooming and hygiene is still fraught with myths.
The bare minimum isn't enough. Raise your hygiene standards by following a few cleanliness tips.
Traditions, health reasons and sexual function all contribute to the debate over circumcision.
Our do’s and don’ts will make your first anal experience memorable, for all the right reasons.
Staying informed about HPV can reduce your risk for cancer, including cervical cancer.
Male genital grooming is a sensitive task, so do it in a way that’s safe and good for your body.
In a ticklish conversation, success comes down to how you choose your words.
Men can get yeast infections, too, and just knowing that fact can help you prevent them.
Frequent sufferers don't despair: This troublesome fungal infection is easily treated.
Sex, diet, exercise, stress, genetics and medications can all affect a person's body odor.
With specific care and attention, you can keep this unwelcome penis affliction at bay.
This penis condition is common but not well understood. Know how to debunk balanitis myths.
Here's a guide on how to avoid it—and treat it if you get it.
Sorry, guys, but grooming is a bit more complicated than a biweekly shower and toothbrushing.
It’s not as impossible to have oral sex with herpes as it might seem.
We’re all highly susceptible to these common infections, so be prepared with the facts.
Is this kind of anal play healthy or dangerous to your mouth, throat or other areas?
Pubic lice are unwelcome visitors but easily treatable when you know the facts.
Safer sex isn’t just about preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
Hold off on spooning until after you take a bathroom break.
A UTI can strike at any time and lead to serious complications. Be prepared with the facts.
Caring for an uncircumcised penis requires diligence, but some simple steps can make it easier.
Your skin may be affected by sex more than you think, for better and for worse.
Sex toys are fun, but it’s essential to clean them well so you can avoid spreading infections.
Talking through your sexual insecurities is good for the soul and the best way to overcome them.
The extra layer of skin on an uncircumcised penis can cause some specific health issues for men.
If you’re considering the procedure, it’s time to learn the pros and cons of circumcision.
While most males were circumcised as babies, some adult men are choosing to undergo the snip.
Your semen quality could be an indicator of your overall health, for better or worse.
What men need to know about manscaping: A below-the-belt guide.
Safe hygiene habits are a good place to start when it comes to improving your sexual health.
Penis discomfort is not uncommon, but it’s important to identify the problem and seek help.
It’s all fun and games, until the post-shave itch begins. Here’s how to avoid it.
Hairy, shaved or in between? The current trend on the styles of men's pubes.
Not ready to take on waxing certain areas at home? You have options.
Waxing is by far the superior hair-removal method, but it’s still a mystery to many men.