The men's hygiene market is taking off—increasing by 6 percent annually—and with it comes a line of new products designed to keep your genitals clean. While many men were once averse to products that they perceived as effeminate, they're slowly lowering their guard. But even with these innovative products, do you know what the hell you're doing down there? Maybe not. So the next time you're in the shower, avoid irritation and enjoy a deep-down clean by following these do's and don'ts of penis and testicle hygiene.

Do this

Penis and testicle hygiene at its simplest is straightforward. Remain gentle and calm and don't neglect any part of the area, washing from tip to undercarriage. However, you need to do more than that to achieve a decently clean area that's free from odor and bacteria.

Peel back the foreskin

Uncircumcised men are more susceptible to bacteria that can hide underneath the foreskin. This is due to a cheesy substance