Vital to reproductive and urinary health, the prostate gland is a body part people don't think about much—until it gets their attention. Even then, they may not know the prostate is the problem. Such can be the case with bacterial prostatitis.

An infection of the prostate, bacterial prostatitis causes the prostate gland to become painful, inflamed and swollen, said Vijay Goli, M.D., a founder and the chief medical officer of Rise Medical in Corona Del Mar, California.

"It's difficult to diagnose, as it is hard to isolate bacteria from the prostate," Goli added.

Bacterial prostatitis accounts for about 10 percent of all prostatitis cases, according to an American Family Physician report. Goli said it is more common to see nonbacterial prostatitis, an ailment with the same symptoms but no bacteria and commonly due to inflammation of the prostate.