It may be in a compartment in your nightstand or at the back of a dresser drawer, but no matter where you keep your sex kit, it’s likely to be full of condoms, lube and maybe some sexy accessories stashed for intimate use.

Are you sure you have everything? Especially if you’d like your sex life to gravitate toward the wild side of the spectrum? Consider the following five items a great start.

Let’s talk condoms

You have three main types of barriers you might want to include in your kit. Of course, which type you choose depends on who you’re having sex with and what you’d like to do.

The most popular and familiar are, no surprise, external condoms, which can be used on penises, dildos, fingers and anything else you want to protect before inserting. External condoms can come in handy for use with porous sex toys that can collect bacteria and are a bit more difficult to clean effectively.

Next on the list are internal condoms. Often referred to as “female condoms,” these barriers are