In the time since shelter-in-place and social-distancing orders were first widely mandated, the initial novelty that came from lazing around the house 24/7 has faded. Chances are, you’ve already binged all of the shows on your watchlist, baked more loaves of mediocre sourdough bread than you can count, and worn out your third pair of sweatpants from daily use.

You might even find that your sex life—much like that most recent batch of homemade sourdough—has gone a bit stale.

A miracle pill or vaccine can’t make all of this boredom go away. However, if you’re looking for some ideas about how to get a little more creative in the bedroom (and beyond!), here’s where you can start.

First things first

At the risk of coming off as a tease, let’s go over a few ground rules before diving into the good stuff.

Consent. Despite the conflicting messages you might get from porn sites or “50 Shades of Grey,” kink isn’t about dominants doing whatever they want to submissives. Everything that transpires in a play session should happen only with the enthusiastic