Proactive hygiene habits can prevent myriad conditions, from athlete's foot and bad breath to fungal infections that require medical intervention.

Even if you think you're clean, you may be forgetting some essentials.

Nose and ear hygiene

What? Ear and nose hair aren't a problem yet? Well, they will be—or they already are and you haven't noticed. One expert wants you to know there's a difference in the maintenance of each.

"You want to be careful removing nose hair, as you can cause trauma to the mucosa of the nasal lining," said Alexander Zuriarrain, M.D., a quadruple board-certified plastic surgeon with his own Miami-based practice. "This can lead to possible infections and serious discomfort. Ear hair is less concerning when removing. There is no functional concern. It is unlikely to cause trauma to the underlying skin if it is removed with tweezers instead of being shaved."

While trimming either nose or ear hair has aesthetic value, remember to be gentle,