Whether you're saying "I do" on the pristine shores of Seychelles or in Alaska's winter wonderland, a destination wedding can make your big day all the more special. However, if your chosen locale is outside your home country, you may need a destination wedding checklist to ensure your union is legally valid.

"Romance aside, many couples think that a destination wedding is going to be a dream and that everything will go smoothly," said Paul Britton, founder and partner at Britton & Time Solicitors in Hove, England. "While it is true a wedding is a celebration of a couple's relationship, couples also need to remember that there are costs attached to attending a wedding as a guest, and the further away a ceremony is, the higher these costs are. This can cause relationships to fracture and get the marriage off to a rocky start. There is also the legal implication, which, depending on the way in which your marriage is conducted, means that your wedding might not even legally be valid in the first place."

Great, more paperwork

Paperwork is one of the least romantic but most important factors in legalizing any marriage.

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