Communication in Relationships | The Basics

Here's how evolution, brain architecture and genetic influences predispose us to cheat.

Two therapists discuss the most frequent problems to cross their couches.

How do you tell your partner they're not a good lover? More importantly, how do you change that?

Awareness of your partner's emotions and needs from their perspective can solidify a connection.

Sure, you could call it quits, but that may not have been your goal.

Don't let yourself get caught in the tough aftermath of a split. Do what's best for you.

Giving and receiving sexual permission is a skill that needs to be learned and developed.

From accusations of cheating to creating unrealistic expectations, take care with pornography.

Experts dissect the representations of modern love in the new adaptation of Sally Rooney's work.

What comes after you decline sex matters to your partner and your relationship.

Mixed-weight couples may benefit from examining both external and internal prejudices.

Stepping out on your partner is often the result of a much deeper issue within a relationship.

Here's how to overcome your nerves and figure out what to say.

Trauma-based fear can cause a communication breakdown between you and your partner.

You're going to want to set a reminder for this.

Feeling jealous is a normal emotion, but unchecked it can do more harm than good.

Get ahead of the post-relationship blues by bringing in a professional.

It may be fun in the moment, but that naughty nude may come back to haunt you.

Its important to consider how the silent treatment effects your relationship.

Can love survive when your SO can't stand your four-legged best friend?

Can a flirty SpongeBob Squarepants meme help you fall in love?

Multilingual romance can be magnifique—it just takes a bit more patience and effort.

Strike a balance between privacy and honesty to build trust in your intimate partnerships.

Adult intimacy is a little more complicated than preschool rules teach us.

How setting limits can foster healthier relationships.

There are many reasons couples break up, but infidelity seems to be a hard line.

Your romantic life doesn't have to fizzle just because you're in different cities.

Experts weigh in on how to make love last when your libidos just don't mesh.

It's OK to miss being single when you're partnered up. And vice versa!

The person behind your eyelids isn't the person next to you in bed. Should you be worried?

Are your arguments escalating? Research shows how you can resolve them effectively.

It’s not most people's idea of romance, but separate beds can bring health benefits.

Parenthood is a big decision, but not one that must be made right away.

Doing the right thing for a loved one may not mean playing the hero.

How to discuss your decision with a partner, and where to turn if they're not supportive.

Media encourages men to dominate, but listen and learn from your partner about what they want.

Discussing your eating disorder with your partner is vital to your health and your relationship.

You don't need to be on thin ice to benefit from it.

Daydreaming about that steamy barista probably doesn't always mean you're doomed

Is your marriage worth saving? If so, marriage counseling might be your way home to each other.

You're better off single if you're missing sexual communication with your partner.

Transitioning from romance to friendship can be difficult. We’ve got you covered.

Applying new facets of intimacy to your relationship can keep the embers burning.

In person and sooner rather than later are kinder ways to start both partners on a new path.

It’s never been more important for partners to set aside time for intimacy.

Grief, doubt and frustration—heavy emotions can take their toll on a partnership.

A loved one's support can be as important as treatment when battling substance use disorder.

From dryness to pain, sometimes the body knows what the heart wants.

What you believe you're communicating and what actually gets communicated may not be the same.

If the emotional support is gone and you feel better off alone, perhaps it's time to reassess.

Moving in with a partner changes a relationship's dynamic, for better and worse.

Stressed and overworked? Creativity and communication can keep your sex life alive.

When grieving a lost relationship, common practices definitely work, but so do new techniques.

Cheating may be an alluring idea, but the painful ramifications are not worth it.

In a ticklish conversation, success comes down to how you choose your words.

Loving each other through recovery isn't easy, but hard work can make a relationship stronger.

Opening up about your desires and needs could lead to a relationship with hotter sex.

If you feel like you're sacrificing your needs for other people, you may need to set boundaries.

Get comfortable talking about consent, sexual preferences and bodies with your companion.

Sexting that special photo is a sincere expression of your love today. But what about tomorrow?

Research says it won’t hurt your breakup recovery—but don’t expect closure, either.

A rebound may make you feel better for now, but experts say it’s probably just a distraction.

Long-distance relationships should be easier to maintain in the digital age. Are they?

Knowledge is power, and healthy communication is key.

You love your partner and want the best for them, but be wary of sending the wrong message.

Work on your long-distance relationship with these tips to maintain and improve your sex life.

It doesn’t always roll off the tongue, but dirty talk is possible even for the shiest of us.

Communication about your sexual needs can lead to a more fulfilling and engaging partnership.

Be open and honest with your partner to build a foundation for healthy and rewarding sex.

People have different motivations for cuddling, but the benefits are fairly universal and fun.

Porn is becoming more socially acceptable. Is it time to incorporate it into your sex life?

A partner's infidelity can hurt. But you can find love again, in this relationship or a new one.

A focus on communication is imperative to a relationship's foundation.