Without proper communication, a relationship can stagnate, and with the wrong kind of communication, it can swiftly self-destruct. To avoid that, it’s important to know some proven methods to communicate with a loved one, fix ongoing issues with communication and restore a healthier relationship status.

Think about how you speak and listen

It’s necessary to consider your own communications, how you behave during conversations and what pitfalls you repeatedly encounter. Without analyzing and coming to a deep understanding of what you say and do, none of the following steps will really work.

The good news is that communication can be learned, improved and expanded upon in many different ways. But you and your partner must take conscious action to look at how you communicate and accept that you may find flaws or surprises.

That’s how the real journey can get started.

Help your partner feel heard

One of the most common communication problems couples face is a lack of active listening. This can worsen other