A long-distance relationship presents a multitude of understandable challenges. There’s the issue of missing your partner, and if time zones are a factor, it might be difficult to find time to talk. And what about keeping your sex life, well, sexy? That’s a serious issue for long-distance couples in long-term relationships.

But don’t fret, maintaining a long-distance sex life is possible, if you have the right tools.

Challenges of distance

Ask anyone who’s experienced a long-distance relationship and they’ll tell you it’s difficult. It can be lonely, especially when many of your friends are couples and your partner is far away.

Yes, video chat is a great modern invention, but it’s really not the same as being there in person. There’s also the very real cost of visits: Traveling to see each other not only puts a strain on your pocketbook, but time spent away means you may have to take vacation time, and that can potentially hurt your career.

Let’s also not forget the stress caused by trying to make the time you do have together perfect, because it doesn’t happen often, or enough. That’s a