So you've just broken up with someone. The relationship is over, finished, kaput, and yet you still feel like you've hit a brick wall in terms of moving on.

While there's an endless amount of recommendations on social media and from friends to help you wallow in your misery, what you need right now is proven advice and practical strategies to ensure you're on the path toward a healthy breakup.

All by myself

When a partnership ends, your equilibrium needs to readjust. You have different priorities and day-to-day activities as a single person than you had as part of a couple. This shift occurs quickly on conscious and subconscious levels.

"Psychologically speaking, the aftermath of a breakup is a battle between two very powerful parts of your brain: the older 'reptile' part of the brain that wants you to be partnered up and safe, and the neocortex or 'human' part that is trying to rationalize things and be practical," said Leah Sheppard, founder of the breakup recovery and empowerment app Her.0. "The key to dealing with the aftermath is soothing the