Leah, a bubbly personal trainer, was 29 years old when she met Trish, a reclusive writer who came to one of her classes in New York. For the first few months, Leah was convinced that nothing could ruin their connection—this, she thought, had to be "the one." After a few months of blissful coupledom, however, the relationship hit a snag—Leah and Trish didn't have compatible sex drives.

"It felt like every time I brought up sex, she was 'too tired' or 'too busy,'" Leah said. "I started to feel like I was doing something wrong." Trish, on the other hand, felt a constant pressure to perform. A few months later, they decided to end the relationship.

Couples often find themselves in this predicament, but not all of them will want to throw in the towel. The good news is that mismatched sex drives don't automatically doom your relationship: According to experts, there are ways to find a balance that will keep everyone satisfied.

Broach the conversation

Out-of-sync sex drives can be an awkward subject to broach, but the first step to resolving this problem is to talk about it. "Many couples avoid the sex talk because we haven't been taught the communication skills to have these very necessary