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Penis and Testicle Conditions | Peyronie's Disease

The 12-month study will try to shed light on a potential new way of healing penile scar tissue.

Medical outcomes can be positive but leave patients unsatisfied if expectations aren't set.

Penile curvature can make sex uncomfortable. Learn the moves that hit all the right angles.

Pain reduction, curvature improvement and sexual function restoration are all possible.

A man's penis may curve for a number of normal and harmless reasons. But some require attention.

No two dicks are the same, and that slight arc might actually improve your sex life.

What you think you know about Peyronie’s and late-onset penile curvature might be wrong.

A penis curvature often caused by trauma, Peyronie’s disease can affect your comfort during sex.

A little known disorder, Peyronie’s can affect the appearance and function of your penis.