Penis and Testicle Conditions | Varicoceles

Less invasive procedures are available for this painful and uncomfortable scrotal condition.

Varicoceles usually don't require treatment unless they affect quality of life or fertility.

This generally harmless condition can still cause painful issues that men will need to address.

Addressing the symptoms of this scrotum condition is simple enough, even if you can't avoid it.

Swollen veins in a man's scrotum can affect his life and, by extension, yours.

Reaching for the scalpel may not be the first option for dealing with varicoceles anymore.

This swelling of veins in the scrotum can cause concern but is mostly benign. Get the facts.

It’s difficult to detect, but if a varicocele goes unnoticed, serious consequences can occur.

A varicocele may cause infertility, though the extent of a direct connection is still unclear.