Penis and Testicle Conditions | Hypospadias

With or without surgical repair, this penile birth defect can present challenges.

This congenital condition is often fixed in newborns, but if not, men can suffer its effects.

Learning how to deal with this common penile birth defect can be a lifelong process.

Correcting this penile birth defect may boost self-confidence, but be aware of the risks.

This penile birth defect has a few ramifications, but men can overcome them all.

Hypospadias, repaired or not, leads to numerous issues, but treatment and support are available.

Let's understand what's at stake when a boy is born with hypospadias, and bust some myths.

Giving birth to a baby with hypospadias causes new circumcision considerations.

Even after treatment, this birth defect of the penis may pose complications to patients.