Understanding Your Penis and Testicles | Complications and Procedures

It's a well-known term, but what exactly are blue balls? Can your testicles actually turn blue?

Erections that last four hours need attention, though the type determines the urgency.

Short-term shrinkage is normal, but testes that continue to get smaller should be examined.

Where you live, who performs it, your insurance plan and even time of year affect the price tag.

Some bumps are more serious than others. Learn the difference between PPPs and HPV.

It sounds awkward, but this condition is painless and harmless—unless you're trying to conceive.

Find out what can cause this buildup of scar tissue and how doctors can repair the urethra.

Erectile dysfunction may be triggered by bodily systems seemingly unconnected to sex.

It may feel unpleasant, but a dry climax is usually no reason to panic and is often treatable.

Age, weight and overall lifestyle can conspire to steal length—at least, by all appearances.

This summer or winter, you can find sweet relief for your scratchy testicles.

A red tinge in pee, poop or semen likely signals a benign issue, but it's worth a check up.

Men struggling with an enlarged scrotal vein and PE may benefit from a varicocelectomy.

Find out why someone might need a testicle removed and if it could affect their sex life.

Diagnoses of these ailments, whether benign or malignant, are reasons to visit your doctor.

Blemishes and white bumps might pop up down under, but most conditions are benign.

The autoimmune skin disease can spread from your arms to the area between your legs.

You do have options if you want to change the size or appearance of your penis and scrotum.

Men with diphallia, a rare congenital condition, may need surgery but can live a normal life.

Thrush is not just for women, so reduce your chances for fungal growth around your penis.

Malignancies treated sooner rather than later can spare the patient a potential penectomy.

What's causing burning penile pain doesn't necessarily have a hard-and-fast answer.

Phimosis and paraphimosis can affect uncircumcised men, possibly to the point of surgery.

Penis not as sensitive as it was? Is it causing erectile dysfunction? Here are some answers.

If you're one of the unlucky few with a latex allergy, try protection with different materials.

Itchy balls? Need to scratch your scrotum? A bad itch on your nuts? It doesn't always mean STI.

The infusion of saline into private parts can send people on a roller coaster of sensations.

Discharge and painful urination are symptoms of the inflammatory condition urethritis.

Yep, men can get UTIs; not as frequently as women do, but it still helps to know your risk.

Difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating may have a mental or emotional reason.

This centralized network of nerves and muscles can fall prey to painful problems. What helps?

From the unfortunate to the totally preventable, here are a few problems you want to avoid.

A testicular rupture is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

When your member is buried, it's still there but no longer visible on the outside.

Does my circumcision scar look weird and should it bother me as an adult man?

Circumcision among adult men isn't as uncommon as you think.

Shortening the race by 20 kilometers wasn't enough to prevent the effects of extreme cold.

It's not always a sudden and forceful accident that brings agony to your penis or testicles.

Key differences between the primary and secondary types help determine the proper treatment.

This excruciating and dangerous condition can lead to the loss of a testicle. Know what to do.

Stuttering priapism often resolves on its own—or may lead to the more harmful ischemic kind.

Early detection—no surprise—and a multispecialty effort may help you avoid a penectomy.

Have your balls atrophied? Testosterone supplements, alcohol use or steroids may be the cause.

Often mistaken for an STI, penile eczema is itchy, irritating and also emotionally painful.

Lymphedema of the penis and scrotum is rare, but serious cases may require surgery.

This penile condition causes tears and pain. It can be remedied, usually without circumcision.

Anejaculation is the opposite of ejaculation and there are many reasons for it.

Yes, inguinal hernia repair takes place near the sex organs. Don't assume the worst, though.

HPV causes more than 60 percent of cases—and most sexually active people have had it.

Penis size surgery may seem perfect, but there are risks in getting too big for your britches.

Urethra repair isn't any guy's dream, but this procedure is a long-term fix.

While this disease is uncommon, it's also dangerous, so early detection is key to beating it.

A glimpse at global stats reveals the extent of cultural and religious differences.

A penile fracture is a painful—and mercifully rare—injury that can occur during overzealous sex.

Most guys may think lasting a long time in bed is a blessing, but for many, it's a curse.

A newly dubbed condition has emerged from patient forums and is entering the mainstream.

For men with retrograde ejaculation, the big O is accompanied by the big 0—as in no semen.

It's not dangerous, but penile Mondor's disease can be painful for men who experience it.

Blood in your urine or other conditions that may need treatment. Let a urologist make that call.

The infection in your urethra could be caused by a bacterium that experts are still studying.

You expect it to affect nerves in your feet and legs, but your testicles? Yep, there, too.

No matter the size of your penis, you can still spark fireworks in the bedroom.

Rare and benign, this condition causes a swollen vein around the head of the penis.

Three procedures are lifting the look of this oft-ignored part of the body.

Lots of penises have a curve, slight or significant, but when is it worth considering surgery?

Do you get shrunken or small balls with steroid use? Can it cause testicular cancer?

Cancer of your penis? It can happen. Find out how to identify and treat it.

Beyond prostate issues, several other conditions may be causing your frequent bathroom trips.

If your boys hurt all the time, it may be a sign of this serious condition.

Priapism may be fodder for comedians, but it can also cause long-term damage.

Urinary tract infections are less likely in men than women, but they happen—here's what to know.

No one's genitals are immune to this irritating fungus. But you can do something about it.

Don't risk losing a testicle—torsion is a painful emergency.

There's nothing embarrassing about undergoing effective and important diagnostic test.

Too much ball sweat? There are ways to stop those sweaty testicles from bothering you.

Discharge from your penis can have many causes not tied to sexually transmitted conditions..

You need to be aware of how these conditions can affect fertility.

Penis and testicle conditions are more common than you may think. Here's what you need to know.

Clearing up some bad info about conditions from premature ejaculation to testicular cancer.

Traditions, health reasons and sexual function all contribute to the debate over circumcision.

Many times it's no big deal, but there may be situations where shrinkage is more serious.

Don't panic! Blood in your urine can be very bad, or sometimes not so bad.

Aesthetic surgery involving the male genitalia is an ancient practice. Know the facts.

Unhappy about the size of your penis? Consider penoplasty, or plastic surgery of the penis.

Can being uncircumcised cause a man disadvantages or problems such as sexual dysfunction?

If you’re considering the procedure, it’s time to learn the pros and cons of circumcision.

While most males were circumcised as babies, some adult men are choosing to undergo the snip.

Your semen quality could be an indicator of your overall health, for better or worse.

It’s possible for a man to 'break' his penis, which could cause a long-term health concern.