Last summer, after years of toying with the idea, strangecares, a sex worker who uses a pseudonym, decided to inflate their labia with saline. After scouring the web for more information, they bought two 250-milliliter bags of isotonic saline, an IV administration set for each bag and butterfly needles with tubing attached, they explained in a blog post.

Within a few hours, they achieved the temporarily squishy, oversized labia of their dreams, which they filmed for a series of horny, premium content.

This isn't a new practice, but there's scarce research to back it up. Kinky folks have injected their scrotums and labia with saline for decades, their goal being to achieve plump, jiggly junk. It's a kink known commonly as inflation, which generally falls under the wide umbrella of medical fetish, but some people seek it out for body modification reasons, too.

"I'm not quite sure what my first exposure was," strangecares said. "I had been aware of scrotal saline infusion for quite a long time, and occasionally saw labia and breasts done, as well