As far as kinks go, you've probably heard about BDSM and roleplay—but what about a praise kink? The genre has become increasingly popular on TikTok, where creators make humorous and informational videos. There's a mix of people expressing how hot certain phrases are, short erotica, people making (half-)jokes about where their kink may have come from and more.

What exactly does this kink entail? I'm sure we all appreciate compliments, but what about this particular sexual desire is different?

Yes, a praise kink differs from wanting compliments

As you can guess, a praise kink is a BDSM-style of kink, which operates as a sexual version of appreciating affirmations.

"An individual with a self-identified praise kink will most likely need more sexualized forms of validation to achieve fulfillment in their sexual routine with a partner," said Tiffany Jones, MS, CCTP, CGCS and resident in counseling at Thriveworks