There are many choices and factors to consider after you decide to terminate a pregnancy.
The abortion pill remains available via telehealth following the June 13th ruling.
The new bill makes it illegal to possess abortion-inducing drugs without a prescription.
The case could affect emergency medical care for millions of pregnant people in the U.S.
Covered entities can no longer share protected information about your reproductive health.

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The legislation requires accommodation for pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions.
The 1864 law criminalizes all abortions except those necessary to save a pregnant person's life.
The justices' decision could restrict or protect abortion pill access for millions of Americans.
The Supreme Court expected to weigh in on the medication's legality.
When a birth control method fails, using emergency contraception can help prevent pregnancy.
Reigniting the sexual spark after ending a pregnancy can be difficult but not impossible.
The medication, legal for 23 years, is at the center of the latest reproductive health battle.
A lawsuit by anti-abortion groups seeks to halt the nationwide distribution of mifepristone.
Five women claim Texas' law put their lives at risk while pregnant.
The procedure might not have been enshrined in the Constitution, but it wasn't illegal, either.