A little known disorder, Peyronie’s can affect the appearance and function of your penis.
A new curvature of your penis could point to this condition, but how does it develop?
There's no cure, but there are ways to improve sexual health if you have this condition.
In addition to curvature, penile indentation is a common presentation of the condition.
Why does my penis curve? Some men need to ask, and too few know the answer or the treatments.

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The medical community knows a lot about this penis condition, but misinformation persists.
Most research is inconclusive, but men see results with meds, devices and injections.
Treatments and adjustments can help ensure the bend and intercourse remain compatible.
What is simultaneously chronic and stable? The second stage of the penile curvature disease.
An estimated 50 percent of men with the penile disorder also suffer from depressive symptoms.
The noticeable bend of Peyronie's disease isn't always due to one distinct injury.
Poor management of blood glucose may impair the healing of tiny tears in penile tissue.
An invasive procedure on your penis can be scary, but a skilled surgeon can straighten you out.
Surgery isn't an option in the penile condition's initial phase, but there are other choices.
A years-long media push has boosted awareness and mental health regarding this penis condition.