So you went through with 'The Snip.' Now what?
The potential complications are real but rare, while the benefits are personal.
Chinese researchers may have developed a way to fix penile damage and restore erectile function.
Having both testes removed is done mainly for gender affirmation or advanced prostate cancer.
Patients need to observe post-procedure measures. For adults, those include sexual restrictions.

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Infant or adult males can be circumcised for religion, culture, health and aesthetic factors.
Even if it seems like the time has obviously come, the procedure needs to be talked about.
The surgery is typically fast and safe and requires minimal recovery time.
Let's take an uncut look at an online forum where users seek to undo their circumcisions.
Your phallus is an organ, not a muscle, so 'workouts' could be detrimental.
Where you live, who performs it, your insurance plan and even time of year affect the price tag.
Less invasive procedures are available for this painful and uncomfortable scrotal condition.
'The snip' is safe and highly effective, but like other procedures, it comes with minor risks.
Urologists explain what men can expect from a procedure no one should choose hastily.
Men struggling with an enlarged scrotal vein and PE may benefit from a varicocelectomy.