Here are some post-snip tips every guy should know.
Yes, prosthetic testicles are a thing. Here's the what, why, when and how about fake balls.
Often incorrectly referred to as testicular reduction, scrotoplasty solves a couple of issues.
Do vasectomies hurt? What is vasectomy recovery like? And can you reverse a vasectomy?
As permanent male birth control, vasectomy is safer and less expensive than tubal ligation.

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Circumcision may reduce STI risk in general, for men and their female partners.
Why do people decide to go for 'the snip' rather than other forms of birth control?
Also known as penile artery bypass surgery, this procedure is performed in very specific cases.
An intact foreskin that won't retract comfortably and causes problems may need to be removed.
The potential complications are real but rare, while the benefits are personal.
Chinese researchers may have developed a way to fix penile damage and restore erectile function.
Having both testes removed is done mainly for gender affirmation or advanced prostate cancer.
For adults, circumcision aftercare includes sexual restrictions.
Infant or adult males can be circumcised for religion, culture, health and aesthetic factors.
Even if it seems like the time has obviously come, the procedure needs to be talked about.