Being called names in bed. Forced to drink from a dog bowl. Being told you're worthless. This kind of behavior and language may be unthinkable for most people but revs the engines of those who enjoy being humiliated during sex.

Humiliation as a sexual kink consists of a person who gets off on being consensually physically or verbally degraded and humiliated within a sexual context. This behavior manifests in various degrees, including kink, which is something sexual that a person enjoys, and fetish, a specific aspect that must be present for the person to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Humiliation play can take the form of name-calling, body-shaming and exposure to "unclean" materials or gestures, such as eating from the toilet bowl. A wide variety of behaviors fall into this category, from calling someone a slut during sex to degradation roleplay such as being "forced" (in a consensual context where the submissive partner enjoys it) to act as human furniture.

While humiliation play falls under the broad umbrella of sadomasochism, it is