Testicles are sensitive.

Most testicle-endowed humans learn of this anatomical kryptonite as children, perhaps through a bicycling mishap, an ill- or well-placed kick, or a dodgeball that goes tragically un-dodged. Whether you were born with them or not, by the time you reach middle school, the delicate nature of balls is usually a well-established fact.

While periodic testicle pain of various types is fairly common, there is one version everyone needs to recognize right away: testicular torsion.

Because if you don't act fast, this peculiar affliction can cause the death of a testicle in a matter of hours.

What is testicular torsion?

The testicles, which reside in the scrotum underneath the penis, don't just float around loosely like a couple of eggs in a plastic baggie. Each one is connected from above by a bundle of tubes called the spermatic cord. This structure contains specialized loops of fibrous muscle