Increased inflammation can lead to low-T, erectile dysfunction and weight gain.
Increased inflammation can lead to low-T, erectile dysfunction and weight gain.
Chronic pain can be a real drag on your day but there's no need for it to ruin your sexy nights.
Chronic pain can be a real drag on your day but there's no need for it to ruin your sexy nights.
The world discovered this rare autoimmune disorder when singer Celine Dion announced she had it.
The world discovered this rare autoimmune disorder when singer Celine Dion announced she had it.
The world discovered this rare autoimmune disorder when singer Celine Dion announced she had it.
If you have RA and are concerned about infertility, here's what you need to know.
When pelvic exams and other procedures don't reveal a cause, some common conditions are likely.
When pelvic exams and other procedures don't reveal a cause, some common conditions are likely.
Frequent, painful cramping during your period? There are treatment options.
Frequent, painful cramping during your period? There are treatment options.
It sounds like a type of German schnitzel and looks like a typo—but it's something much worse.
Sex-related EDS complications range from chronic pelvic pain to orgasm difficulty to low libido.
How to contextualize and interpret chronic pain and your next steps to relief.
How to contextualize and interpret chronic pain and your next steps to relief.
There's no quick fix to relieve involuntary vaginal tightening, but a cure is possible.
Gynecologist and author Jill Krapf addresses the myths and realities of pelvic discomfort.
Support goes a long way when your significant other suffers from painful intercourse.
The fairly common condition can cause painful sex or pelvic discomfort at inopportune times.
How hip-opening exercises can lead to an emotional release of stored trauma.
There are dozens of forms of this condition, each with distinct characteristics. Find out more.
First identified 100 years ago, the condition is still controversial and often misdiagnosed.
Fibromyalgia doesn't affect only women, and it may sabotage libido and erections in men.
Coping with a CF diagnosis is difficult. Find the ideal method for you.
Talk to your doctor about testing for this condition if you have heavy, painful periods.
'The great imitator' can be hard to pin down, so look out for these common signs.
Discomfort during penetration can be caused by many physical and emotional factors.
Learn how you can be intimate despite suffering a painful condition.
EDS can bring chronic pain as well as gynecological issues, which could make sex difficult.
CPPS isn't one easy-to-define condition. It's a collection of symptoms diagnosed by exclusion.
CPPS isn't one easy-to-define condition. It's a collection of symptoms diagnosed by exclusion.
Men who served are more prone to PTSD and other conditions that can lead to erectile problems.
Does your illness impact your maternal health? A good medical team can help.
Millions of people have chronic pain, affecting their daily lives and their sexual health.
Some drugs most commonly used to treat chronic conditions are being impacted by legal red tape.
Chronic muscle contraction can be managed effectively with medical and physical treatments.
A chronic illness should not be given the power to snuff out a love life.
Discomfort can make life—and sex—challenging. This herbal item might help, but do your research.
Vertigo doesn't have to make your love life spin out.
Your splitting headache might take more than a pill to relieve.
It's possible to rebuild your libido while living with this vaginal muscle condition.
Props may help ease pain and add pleasure for people with (or without) a disability.
When endo is called a woman's disease, transgender men get left behind.
Most research is inconclusive, but men see results with meds, devices and injections.
HS is a painful, little-known skin condition that requires a commitment to care.
With adrenal insufficiency, your body doesn't produce the hormones it needs for daily function.
This TikTok trend has many users collecting keepsakes from their uterus.
Learn how to cope with aches below your waist without compromising your quality of life.
While PMS begins before menstruation, PCS symptoms can appear anytime.
More stiff joints don't have to equate to less sex. Confidence and some assistance can help.
If chronic pain gets in the way in the bedroom, there are other wonderful ways to stay close.
No matter how hot your love life is, you still need to keep warm.
Patients and doctors alike could benefit from more knowledge about the painful disorder.
You're acquainted with the downstairs neighbors, but you might not be familiar with their house.
If you're experiencing unpleasant vulval sensations, vulvitis may be the cause.
What do our prescription trends tell us about our state of suffering?
Body-strengthening exercises can improve erectile dysfunction symptoms for many men.
It's not always a sudden and forceful accident that brings agony to your penis or testicles.
Gynecological pain may feel like the end of your sex life—but it doesn't have to be.
RRMS is the most common type of MS, leading to chronic fatigue and so much more.
More than just relaxing, a professional massage can help with medical ailments, too.
A chronic condition is challenging, but some well-placed needles may give relief, a study finds.
People are quick to ignore the symptom, though it's a leading cause of disability.
The noticeable bend of Peyronie's disease isn't always due to one distinct injury.
The group of diseases can impede male fertility, and so can their medications. The key? Balance.
This rare chronic pain disorder affects the nerve pathways in the pelvis.
This excruciating and dangerous condition can lead to the loss of a testicle. Know what to do.
A painful vulva can have many causes, but OTC treatments, such as witch hazel, are available.
The side effects may outweigh the benefits for women seeking relief from pain.
From the risk factors to the 4 primary forms, here's what you should know about blood cancer.
Diabetes, thyroid disease and prostatitis are among the ailments potentially linked to PE.
Maintaining sexual function in the face of constant discomfort is a challenge, yes, but doable.
This former indicator of wealth has since become common in a much broader population.
When bathroom urges regularly interrupt your nightly rest, it's time to take some action.
Spermatic cord block is a minimally invasive procedure used diagnostically and therapeutically.
Not feeling right? You might not be getting enough water, even if you have your daily 64 ounces.
This modality can provide a critical element of hope for long-suffering patients.
Companies around the world are beginning to institute period policies for people who menstruate.
Research shows eliminating certain foods and adding others may alleviate your symptoms.
Try these solutions to minimize pain during sex.
Considering their impact, your medications should be an important conversation with your doctor.
Until more research is done, the FDA and physicians advise caution with this delivery method.
No medical condition has to be the end of your dating life.
A healthy pregnancy is possible, but precautions are needed to avoid complications.
Chronic yeast infections and their discharge could be a condition called lichen sclerosus.
A urologist can determine whether your swollen scrotum needs treatment, and you have options.
It can be intimidating to start from scratch, so we asked some family doctors to help out...
Several conditions can cause vaginal burning after sex, but treatments are available.
Dear diary, I noticed a lump in my armpit last Monday and today it started itching...
Identification of the NPSR1 gene variant could lead to nonhormonal treatment of the disease.
Treatment-resistant conditions dwell under the umbrella of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
Yes, inguinal hernia repair takes place near the sex organs. Don't assume the worst, though.
A blockage in the abdominal aorta limits blood flow to the legs and another important body part.
Tylenol has long been recommended for pain relief during pregnancy, but now caution is advised.
Western medical practitioners may be skeptical, but many women swear by the treatment.
The good news is that serotonin from an orgasm can cure a migraine. But the bad news…
When treatment for MS leads to cancer, the compounding effect can seem insurmountable.
Injury to the pudendal nerve can cause intense pelvic pain. Here's what you should do.
Aura migraines, a heavy burden on their own, may have connections to further sensory disorders.
A lump is the most common indicator—self-exams help—but be aware of other signs of the disease.
Changes to the central nervous system’s pain response can cause anxiety and depression.
Research shows acupuncture might offer an effective, safe solution for period pain sufferers.
Getting your doctor to understand your pain is real takes time and detailed documentation.
Bouncing from one specialist to another is common when seeking an endometriosis diagnosis.
Explain how vaginismus impacts your life—and how it can affect your partner—before having sex.
A mutually beneficial sex life is achievable following a lupus diagnosis.
Using Delta-8 for sex drive has had anecdotal success, but experts remain wary.
CPPS hurts, especially during erections and climaxes, which can cause an aversion to intimacy.
Living with chronic fatigue doesn't mean sacrificing your sex life.
From cramps to childbirth, women face plenty of pain, but they're not superheroes because of it.
Blood in your urine or other conditions that may need treatment. Let a urologist make that call.
Experimentation and exploration are key when trying to find that sweet spot.
The ancient practice's whole-body benefits could very well perk up certain pleasurable parts.
This congenital condition can be scary, but a simple surgery is often the answer.
In an instant, everything changes. Learning to cope is the only way forward.
Both chronic conditions have similar symptoms, and getting an accurate diagnosis takes time.
Three women share their harrowing journey to an endometriosis diagnosis.
Pelvic pain can be debilitating, but finding a cause allows for an active and healthy lifestyle.
Understanding the condition and its secondary complications can improve your quality of life.
If you’re among the 16 percent of women with vulvar pain, here’s what you need to know.
Standing up for yourself in a clinic is intimidating, but it may save your life.
This painful condition can be debilitating, but getting back to your life is possible.
Arthritis pain and stiffness can both be reduced with exercise, but easy does it.
Women worldwide know their pain won’t be taken seriously, a burden with deadly consequences.
You probably know someone with an autoimmune disease, but what does it mean?
An imperforate hymen can affect your reproductive health, but the fix can be straightforward.
People with autoimmune disorders face a number of difficulties, including with sexual function.
Chronic pain, obesity and even medical treatments may make you change your approach to sex.
Sometimes a creative touch is needed to manage endometriosis pain.
If you're considering sizing down, there are a few things you ought to know.
Menstruation can trigger painful fibromyalgia symptoms, but self-care can help.
While the cause of this chronic vulva pain is unknown, treatment is possible.
Battling the pain of endometriosis can be exhausting, and sometimes you need a break.
Restless legs syndrome sufferers have an uncontrollable urge to move their legs, even at night.
Cannabis can help you regain your sexual mojo in a number of ways.
Are you living with chronic pain but don't want to resort to narcotics? You have options.
Aching joints don’t have to ruin your romantic life.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) creates obstacles for sex, but wise choices can mitigate them.
Management techniques can make endometriosis bearable and reduce the severity of its symptoms.
PMDD can be debilitating but doesn't have to be with the right tips and techniques.
Every woman with endometriosis has a unique experience. These tips help me cope with mine.
Chronic conditions typically have no cure, but their symptoms can be managed for a better life.
Anything that impacts your body impacts your sex life. But you can always find ways to adjust.
Treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction and chronic pain may improve their sex life.
Though effective in the short term, long-term narcotics use has its share of serious risks.
PMDD refers to physical, mental and emotional symptoms one feels in the weeks before a period.
While you manage arthritis, you can still have a comfortable, even robust, lifestyle.
You can feel better...naturally. Here are some possible remedies for you to manage your pain.
Changing attitudes and laws are giving consumers new cannabis-related products to try.
These endometriosis-friendly sex positions can reduce pain and encourage intimacy.
You don't have to live with pain. Learn the facts and don't be fooled by misconceptions.
BDSM offers a unique release to differently abled kinksters.
When it comes to opioids, it is important—possibly lifesaving—to separate fact from fiction.
To soothe persistent suffering, many are turning to products made from marijuana plant extracts.
Here's how couples can navigate endometriosis together.
Women who want more comfort can take a literal weight off their shoulders with breast reduction.
Chronic pain impacts more than 1.5 billion people and can cause harm to a healthy sex life.
Men who use opioids are 95 percent more like to have erectile dysfunction.
Twenty percent of the population lives with chronic pain. What’s the path forward?