Pain anywhere in the body can be a burden, but it's particularly inconvenient when it occurs in a body part we use a lot, such as our legs and feet.

Persistent pain can happen to anyone, though incidence does increase with age. In fact, while about 36.5 percent of American adults overall are living with leg and hip pain, the prevalence is higher, 50.3 percent, in the 65 and older age group. Knee pain is common, too, with about 25 percent of adults afflicted.

All of these body parts are in close proximity and have underlying connections—along with their pain.

Where is the pain coming from?

There are several types of lower extremity pains, according to David S. Pereira, M.D., a sports health orthopedic surgeon at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

"Acute joint pain can occur in the hip, knee or