Deep in the back of men's minds is a long-established list of items to always keep away from their private parts: Zippers. Scissors. Power tools. Cellphones?

Ah, that's a big question mark after cellphones because a lot of conflicting information—and misconceptions—exists about their supposed health hazards. Since cellphones became commonplace in the 1990s, the possible effects of a phone's radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF EMF) on a user's health have generated tremendous debate.

Cellphones use radiofrequency energy, a type of non-ionizing radiation, to send and receive signals. Questions persist over whether this radiation causes health problems, including cancer. Of course, cellphones are frequently found in people's pockets, and one particular area of concern is whether carrying a cellphone in the front pants pocket poses a risk to fertility for men.

The word from doctors and authoritative organizations indicates the risk is more theoretical than factual. So please stop believing these inaccuracies