A vasectomy might stir different emotions in different people. For some, it might mark the beginning of a different kind of sex life, free from the possibility of pregnancy. For others, it might mark the end of a stage of life, when their family is complete.

No matter the emotions associated with a vasectomy, there will inevitably be some misconceptions, too. Despite the fact that a vasectomy is a commonly performed procedure—about 500,000 men elect to have it done every year in the United States—it's not necessarily a subject widely discussed in male circles.

"Men have all kinds of beliefs about vasectomy," said Joshua Gonzalez, M.D., a board-certified urologist and sexual health advisor with Astroglide, a California-based manufacturer of personal lubricants. "Many think that a vasectomy will be a painful experience. Others think it will cause issues with their sex drive or erections or generally negatively affect their sex life."

Fortunately, none of