Most women have performed a fake orgasm at some point in their lives, myself included. Whether I knew it was a one-night stand, wanted to make my clumsy boyfriend feel better or just wanted the sex to be over, faking an orgasm was easier than having a real one.

Sometimes you don't click with your partner. Rather than trying to coach them to touch, lick and caress the right places, it's easier to throw your head back, moan and quicken your breath.

Orgasms are usually the universal signal that sex has concluded. I'm a big believer that sex shouldn't be all about orgasms, but there's no denying that people ask "Did you come?" or "Are you close?" when they want sex to end.

In cases like that, or for any number of other situations, it's useful to know how to fake an orgasm. A combination of moves can help you put on the show of a lifetime, according to experts.

1. Release your inner actress

Moaning is the telltale sign someone is enjoying sex,