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Exercise, Diet and Nutrition


Ignore the conflicting information out there about how to get in shape. Here's the bottom line.

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The Basics
Exercise and Sexual Health
Diet and Sexual Health

The Basics

The Facts About Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Healthy lifestyle choices can promote sexual health and lead to a more fulfilling sex life.

The low-intensity poses of restorative yoga can calm your endocrine system and enhance wellness.

If you're skeptical about the benefits and safety of fasting, here's what you should know.

We all know activity is good for you, but what is it that makes you feel so mentally refreshed?

Exercise and Sexual Health

The Link Between Exercise and Sexual Health

The benefits of exercise extend to the bedroom, but they take commitment and work.

It’s not just a challenge for the body or mind but a combination of both that made me stronger.

Strengthening this muscle group is important for everyone, especially women entering menopause.

Hitting the weights may have physical benefits, but it can also boost self-image and libido.

Diet and Sexual Health

The Link Between Diet and Sexual Health

Focus on foods that enhance heart health, sexual health and overall health—all at the same time.

What a woman eats can profoundly impact her hormone levels and overall health.

A diet of plant-based whole foods boosts sex drive and helps with performance issues such as ED.

High blood pressure isn't the only reason to cut your sodium intake.


The Facts About Supplements

Exercise and meditation can enhance sexual performance, but what if you take supplements, too?

Cannabis can help you regain your sexual mojo in a number of ways.

Before you reach for medication, here are some natural solutions that can help.

Changing attitudes and laws are giving consumers new cannabis-related products to try.