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Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

The Basics
Exercise and Sexual Health
Diet and Sexual Health

The Basics

The Facts About Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Healthy lifestyle choices can promote sexual health and lead to a more fulfilling sex life.

A healthy lifestyle can manage fat cells to prevent chronic disease and erectile dysfunction.

You may have retired from work, but it's not the time to stop working out.

Diet culture may be outdated, but concerns over caloric intake still raise health questions.

Exercise and Sexual Health

The Link Between Exercise and Sexual Health

The benefits of exercise extend to the bedroom, but they take commitment and work.

Giving the pelvic floor a workout is good for many ailments, but not all.

Don't waste time on exercises that don't deliver results—get the best bang for your buck.

Running is good for strength, stamina and relieving stress. All this and great sex, too?

Diet and Sexual Health

The Link Between Diet and Sexual Health

Focus on foods that enhance heart health, sexual health and overall health—all at the same time.

Healthy living is a priority for many people, but not all diet trends are helpful.

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder creates intense anxiety, limiting nutrient intake.

These nutrients benefit your body and mind and can do wonders for your sexual health, too.


The Facts About Supplements

Exercise and meditation can enhance sexual performance, but what if you take supplements, too?

This herbal suppository has no proven benefits and, in fact, can make you prone to infection.

Though prevalent in Ayurveda, the supplement is unregulated and needs a careful approach.

Adding zinc to your diet can make your erection more impressive, among other benefits.

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