A global pandemic. A social justice movement. A groundbreaking election. The worst wildfire season on record in parts of America. Wild winter storms. No wonder a whole new term, "coronasomnia," popped up during 2020 as U.S. clinical insomnia rates jumped 37 percent since the start of the pandemic, according to a January 2021 study in the journal Sleep Medicine.

And just like a perfectly-choreographed BeyChella routine, our sex lives are tanking in lockstep with our sleep patterns. Savage.

How does sleep impact your sex life?

With the volume cranked up on nearly all things stress-inducing since March 2020, many of us are more than just tired. We’re grinding our teeth instead of grinding our partners.

This lack of rest is a buzzkill to our sex drives in every way, explained Marla Renee Stewart, a sex expert for sexual-wellness brand Lovers. "The better sleep you get, the more energy you'll have for sex