Not everyone sleeps the same. Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., a board-certified sleep specialist, created four categories of sleepers to show when we are most awake and when we need our sleep: dolphin, lion, bear and wolf. Sleep patterns can often influence our sex life, determining whether we prefer morning sex, late-night sex or afternoon sex.

Understanding which sleep animal you identify with can help you optimize your sexy time and get the sleep you need to function at your best.

Sex & sleep

First of all, it's essential to address the connection between sex and sleep. Orgasms release oxytocin and prolactin, and they inhibit cortisol. The proper combination of these hormones reduces stress, increases happiness and helps a person feel more at ease. Studies suggest that having an orgasm—as the result of sex with a partner or self-stimulation—before bed improves sleep quality.

Sex before bed may help you sleep better, but it's not always the best time to have exciting, stimulating sex. Depending on your sleep type,