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Sleep and Sleep Disorders

The Basics
Sleep and Sexual Health
Improving Sleep

The Basics

The Facts About Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Sleep is a vital process for both our bodies and minds, but many disorders can disrupt it.

Stripping down before bed might get you in the mood—and better prepare you for future sex, too.

Missed rest impacts every aspect of your life, but these devices can eliminate your sleep debt.

A sleep test in a laboratory can be inconvenient, but it can accurately identify your disorder.

Sleep and Sexual Health

The Link Between Sleep and Sexual Health

Two elements of life paramount to your happiness are more closely related than you think.

Sleep disruptions that fight the natural cycle of light and dark can lead to ED and low-T.

It's true that a lack of zzzs can lead to sexual side effects, including erectile dysfunction.

Without quality zzz's, your libido may take a break.

Improving Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep

Keeping a healthy sleep schedule is essential to maintaining overall health and wellness.

Insomnia is a constant struggle, but committing to sleep hygiene and mindfulness can help.

Your slumber problem could be negatively impacting your heart, so find the right treatment—now.

Your cure for sleepless nights may have been inside you the whole time.