Mental Health


The Basics
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Living with PTSD

The Basics

The Facts About PTSD

Trauma can be a long-term disruption to life when it develops into this debilitating condition.

Mental health conditions complicate life but they don't have to be a curse on your romances.

A horrible boss can quickly turn into a horrible nightmare, even causing PTSD symptoms.

Seeking treatment for PTSD may help prevent premature dementia and hypertension in older adults.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms and Diagnosis of PTSD

Breakthroughs in learning about PTSD are providing paths to much brighter outcomes.

When trauma is prolonged and repetitive, complex post-traumatic stress disorder can develop.

When trust in the world is broken, we may no longer trust our own paths forward.

Your fight-or-flight response is always on, you're irritable, paranoid and you can't sleep.


Treatment of PTSD

Advancing medical and psychological treatments expand your options for addressing PTSD.

There are multiple techniques you can use to self-regulate as you process intense emotions.

An award-winning certified sex educator talks about opening up to a pleasure-based perspective.

Ecstasy-based studies enter Phase 3 trials with promising data.

Living with PTSD

Living With PTSD

Understand the adverse effects that PTSD can have on relationships, work and sex.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can be a challenge to cope with, but healing is possible.

Learn new tools to take care of someone while also caring for yourself.

Honesty is not straightforward for some people. Empathy could help them break the lying habit.