Certain mental conditions resemble a constellation of overlapping Venn diagrams as opposed to freestanding, distinct categories. Stressors can lead to an echo chamber of mental health concerns, where trauma and resulting issues coexist and amplify one another.

This is true of trauma and eating disorders.

Overlap and differences

While the relationship may seem arbitrary, nutritionist Ramona D. Lehadus explained why the link with food and trauma, in particular, is so direct.

"PTSD is a mental disorder caused by exposure to traumatic events," Lehadus said. "Because PTSD puts our bodies in fight-or-flight mode, appetite is suppressed. Because the body is focusing all its energy and focus on survival, digestion is unnecessary. The body knows we can survive weeks without food, so the priority is to survive."

It's possible, then, that the restriction of food may develop as a reaction to the release of the adrenaline and fear associated with a PTSD-inducing incident.

'Any form of dieting is trauma to the body and brain, and can