This eating disorder may cause a drop in testosterone and lead to a number of issues.
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This eating disorder can be treated, but it's vital to do so ASAP to avoid serious health risks.
Know what to look for if you suspect someone has this life-threatening mental health disorder.
Defined by binge eating and purging, the disorder affects more than 6 million people in the U.S.
Unlearn the intrusive beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from recovery.
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These tips about warning signs and healthy behaviors can help you handle the challenges.
How the condition began 15 years ago, the way life changed and what reality looks like now.
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The physiological and psychological effects can have major effects on intimacy.
The impact on your emotional and cognitive health can be profound in the short- and long-term.
Being anorexic, bulimic or having binge eating disorder could cause penis problems.
Disordered eating is more than just a social sickness, the author writes.
Yes, trauma in regard to food is real and often stems from childhood experiences.
It's the little things that mean the most to help with this common, yet devastating, illness.
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Parents play a significant role in how children perceive their bodies and develop self-worth.
Having the same beauty standards can lead to comparison, but education and therapy help.
Discussing your eating disorder with your partner is vital to your health and your relationship.
Dealing with the root cause of an unhealthy relationship with food can help in the bedroom, too.
Think you know it all about eating disorders? Don't be so sure.
Untreated eating disorders can lead to serious health problems, including heart complications.