Women are less likely to receive proper preventive care for heart issues, research indicates.
High cholesterol can lead to adverse sexual side effects, but medications can help fix them.
The fear is real, at least for a small percentage of the population.
Anticoagulants are meant to help prevent heart attack or stroke—what about erectile dysfunction?
Recovery includes drugs, diet, exercise—but sex may be the best medication. And a lot more fun.
The two share characteristics, but let's look at how they are actually related to each other.
A study suggests potential risks with ADT, a common therapy for prostate cancer.
Men are far less likely than women to see a doctor but can benefit just as much, starting young.
Pick a heart-healthy habit to incorporate into your lifestyle today. Future you will thank you.
Vascular issues may damage the smooth muscle cells that are integral to getting an erection.
A new study suggests the meds have a lower risk than thought. But lower risk isn't no risk.
Boosting microRNA-210 could curb vascular damage, study suggests, and possibly any resulting ED.
You are what you eat—and that's not always a good thing.
Arterial buildup can be managed and disease can be avoided, but severe levels can't be reversed.
Before you reach for a prescription, ask your doctor about steps you can take on your own.
Erectile dysfunction has multiple causes and treatments, but many patients get limited choices.
Erectile dysfunction has multiple causes and treatments, but many patients get limited choices.
Exercising in the cold has some added bonuses, but it's not right for everyone.
Pose all the questions you have about erectile dysfunction's link to cardiovascular disease.
These tips about warning signs and healthy behaviors can help you handle the challenges.
A relatively simple vascular procedure ended a man's 30-year struggle with erectile dysfunction.
You could take a supplement or a medication, but the best solution might be today's lunch.
Even if your partner doesn't leave you over erectile dysfunction, get it checked out anyway.
How the condition began 15 years ago, the way life changed and what reality looks like now.
While the risk of cardiovascular problems increases as you age, lifestyle changes can help.
The two organs control key underlying factors that support the entire process of erections.
During your lifetime, emotional pain is inevitable—but it can become a physiological ailment.
Keeping prostate- and vascular-caused urinary symptoms in check may lead to better erections.
The reason may not matter in the moment, but sometimes ED is the exception, not the rule.
Neuropathy and heart meds can affect results, but other options exist to treat dysfunction.
The BMI has been a key measure of public health for decades, but many say it's ineffective.
More than 12.1 million Americans will have atrial fibrillation by 2030. Don't be one of them.
Pay less attention to catchy marketing and more attention to Mother Nature.
Given the close ties between the disease and ED, men should know more about high-tech tools.
Low-dose blood thinners may have once been useful, but doctors increasingly advise against them.
What's good for the ticker is great for the phallus, and caring for both is pretty simple.
Men, steer clear of knockoffs and get the real deal: safe and effective prescription ED meds.
The disease, which gradually clogs arteries, can lead to erectile dysfunction and more.
While somnambulism is a rare condition most are familiar with, it says a lot about your sleep.
If you're able to attain but not maintain an erection, faulty veins might be the problem.
Without proper care, an infection that begins in your mouth may lead to coronary heart disease.
The impact on your emotional and cognitive health can be profound in the short- and long-term.
A lot of American adults have hypertension, but few of us do anything about it.
A plant-based diet can help reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction, a new study concludes.
Meds aren't usually the sole cause of erectile issues, and their effects can be minimized.
More than one-third of Americans get less sleep than they should. There are consequences.
A blockage in the abdominal aorta limits blood flow to the legs and another important body part.
Disordered eating is more than just a social sickness, the author writes.
Your doctor recommends this class of drugs for cholesterol. Let's dispel the myths you've heard.
Don't put it off any longer. It's time for a complete physical and other tests.
Coping with the bad news can be difficult—staying positive and being proactive is key.
A new study is trying to find answers so the profession can become safer for women.
If you suffer from these conditions, update your menu with sources of flavonoids and lycopene.
The popular diet trend requires a major tweak to truly be healthy.
PTSD, eating disorders and food trauma: What's the same and what's different?
Be on your guard. Are these high-risk conditions just around the corner?
A well-known culprit in poor diets, excessive sodium can also directly affect erections.
CAD is another heart condition tied to ED, but the impact can be lessened if you're proactive.
Studies indicate an indirect but important relationship between gum disease and ED.
Data shows race plays a role in America’s climbing maternal mortality rate. How do we stop it?
Healthy blood pressure equals healthy blood flow, which equals healthy erectile function.
The mechanics of diabetes-related damage are complicated, but controllable.
Overcome unhealthy obsessions with food and your body by using these practices during recovery.
A bladder sling requires highly specialized surgery that benefits more people than you'd think.
Discussing your heart with your doctor might just change your treatment plan.
No cardiologist, urologist or primary care doc can read minds. They can only help if they know.
An intercourse-induced infarction is rare, but other factors affect post–heart attack intimacy.
Well done or rare, too much red meat might make for fewer erections.
Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes, but chronic stress can be a literal downer for guys.
As estrogen levels drop, we’re more prone to certain diseases— simple steps offer protection.
Here is the need-to-know information about your heart health during and after menopause.
Heart disease is just as common among women as men and every bit as dangerous.
Just like other parts of the body, your genitals can benefit from antioxidant-rich foods.
A 2019 study shows that high-intensity gym rats are more likely to get injured than beginners.
Learn how to set up a successful quit-smoking plan that includes the appropriate use of NRT.
Chronic pain, obesity and even medical treatments may make you change your approach to sex.
Dive into the facts about erectile dysfunction and blood pressure medication.
If you're having trouble getting ready for love, your beer belly could be the culprit.
A diet of plant-based whole foods boosts sex drive and helps with performance issues such as ED.
Frank communication with a partner about health is an important aspect of your sex life.
Liven up your workouts, and you can liven up the bedroom as well.
High blood pressure isn't the only reason to cut your sodium intake.
The (bad) choices you make in five areas could increase your chances for erectile dysfunction.
Sometimes the heart speaks for itself—you should listen if you want to avoid complications.
The verdict is in: Good cardiovascular health is essential for keeping your hard-ons hard.
Erectile dysfunction isn't just about your penis—often it's a sign of other health problems.
Diabetic men are more prone to erectile issues than men at large. Get answers that help.
Enjoy your veggies but don't want to give up meat entirely? Try flexitarianism.
Treating one condition can often help with the other—if you're willing to talk about them.
As exercise, running is an excellent option, but it could contribute to urinary issues.
With a bit of creativity and courage, you can find new paths to reaching your full potential.
It all comes down to the tiniest blood vessels in the male body.
The first step in treating erectile dysfunction is tending to your heart and vascular health.
Get to the heart of the matter with erectile dysfunction, from diagnosis through treatment.
Erectile dysfunction could be a signal of serious heart issues. Here's what you need to know.
The links are so clear that ED can even predict cardiovascular problems.
Addressing one condition can help with the other, but only if you speak up.
Challenges of diabetes and erectile dysfunction are intertwined but readily manageable.
The link between ED and diabetes is clear, but your doctor can tell you more.
Approaching each condition separately can help with both.
Increasing blood flow is the key to this innovative use of stents to aid erectile dysfunction.
Amphetamines won't impact your sexual health permanently, but it's normal to be concerned.
It's not all in your head when it comes to ED, but some of it might be.
Men with diabetes are more likely to suffer from ED, but do ED drugs work well for diabetic men?
Yes, there is a link between heart health and ED, and your life may depend on recognizing it.
If you're struggling to stay erect, your first call should probably be to your cardiologist.
If you're struggling to stay erect, your first call should probably be to your cardiologist.
If you're struggling with female sexual dysfunction, check on your cardiovascular health.
Hypertension affects a man's erection and a woman's libido—as can the meds that treat it.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
A healthy diet may help reverse negative effects that are causing sexual dysfunction.
A lower weight has all kinds of health benefits, adding greater gusto for living and loving.
Proper nutrition and exercise are top priorities, but three additional methods can help, too.
Think you know it all about eating disorders? Don't be so sure.
A strong, healthy ticker is the foundation for strong, healthy sexual function.
Untreated eating disorders can lead to serious health problems, including heart complications.
Today, we know more about both erectile dysfunction and depression than we ever have.
Let's separate the facts from the fiction on this important health issue.
We bust some heart disease myths so you can make better choices about your heart health.
If you have diabetes, you have an elevated risk of ED. Find out what you can do about it.
Knowing about the safety and efficacy of natural sex supplements can benefit your sexual health.
Forget that rare, juicy steak—a plant-based diet may help combat ED symptoms.
Fifty percent of men older than 40 suffer from ED, a number that increases with age.
It’s already getting you through your day. Can coffee get you through sex, as well?
Excess pounds can lead to low-T, high blood pressure, heart disease and ED. Time to lose weight!
Cardiovascular health is a key for maintaining a healthy sex life as you age.
About 121.5 million adults in the U.S. suffer from heart disease. Many feel its effects in bed.
Help is readily available—and crucial—for the most common of all eating disorders.
Researchers believe erectile dysfunction could be a sign of cardiovascular problems.
The evolution of HIV/AIDS treatment has helped many patients enjoy normal life expectancy.
Focus on foods that enhance your diet, sexual performance and overall health—at the same time!
Your sexual desire may fade after a heart attack, but it will return.
Watch for the warning signs of heart disease, and learn how you can prevent this deadly disease.
Given the possible side effects, consult a doctor about your health before taking birth control.
You may be able to reduce the risk of heart problems and improve ED-related symptoms.
Treating your hypertension can often worsen your ED. Fortunately, you have options.
Solving the mysteries of erectile dysfunction can ease anxiety and prepare you for next steps.