Exercising outside in cold weather is unlikely to get most people excited. The thought of bundling up and lacing up sneakers when the thermometer hovers around freezing might make even the hardiest of us want to pile on the blankets and stay inside.

But sticking to an outdoor workout when the temps are less than comfortable can actually bring some benefits, as long as you make wise decisions.

At least I'm not sweating…

Exercising in cold weather is generally considered safe, and carries all the same benefits as exercising in more moderate temperatures. These include benefits to your cardiovascular and muscular systems if you're running, cycling or strength training.

However, the benefits of cold-weather exercise extend way beyond the obvious.

"There's a decreased risk of overheating or placing added stress on thermoregulation, and the issues that come along with that related to sweat loss: loss of plasma volume, the resulting decreased stroke volume, and relying on an increased heart rate to continue exercising at the same intensity,"