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Mental Health

Depression and Anxiety


Much more than just 'having a bad day,' these conditions are serious and worth knowing about.

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The Basics
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Living with Depression and Anxiety

The Basics

The Facts About Depression and Anxiety

Millions of Americans are impacted by depression and anxiety every year.

An easily overlooked nutritional deficiency can seriously starve the brain.

Are you just a homebody or is it becoming a full-blown phobia?

Here are steps to take, and not take, if a partner tells you they're battling depression.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can affect every aspect of your life. Getting treatment can help.

If you have an anxiety disorder, experts say you're at greater risk of developing OCD.

Here are ways to recognize and treat depression—in yourself or someone you know.

Depression can affect your body as much as your brain, so treat all aspects of the disorder.


Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Millions of people struggle with depression and anxiety. Both disorders, luckily, are treatable.

Experts explain six simple practices that can help you feel less anxious every day.

Therapeutic interventions, diet and exercise may help you overcome mental health conditions.

Psychedelics may be more effective than traditional drugs for some psychiatric conditions.

Living with Depression and Anxiety

Living with Depression and Anxiety

Chronic depression and anxiety can be a struggle to live with, but there are ways to cope.

If you suffer from depression, antidepressants can be a lifesaver. But do they pose risks?

The road to mental health recovery is long, and dating along the way brings its own challenges.

Anxiety is more than a mental illness—it can easily become a third wheel.