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Substance Abuse and Addiction


Don't let outdated beliefs keep you or a loved one from seeking much-needed support.

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The Basics
Narcotics and Sexual Health
Opioids and Sexual Health

The Basics

The Facts About Substance Abuse and Addiction

Estimates of substance use may vary, but it's clear that the United States has a problem.

Responsible drinking can become second nature once you understand the facts and benefits.

When your drinking starts to go beyond the occasional social beer you may notice these changes.

Addiction destroys families, but understanding its causes can help family members to survive.

Narcotics and Sexual Health

The Facts About Narcotics and Sexual Health

While many illicit drugs heighten sexual desire, they often impair sexual performance.

Are you living with chronic pain but don't want to resort to narcotics? You have options.

While many people don't think twice, it turns out uppers can be a real downer for your penis.

Though effective in the short term, long-term narcotics use has its share of serious risks.

Opioids and Sexual Health

The Facts About Opioids and Sexual Health

Addiction is just one of several health problems that can result from use of these substances.

When it comes to opioids, it is important—possibly lifesaving—to separate fact from fiction.

Noticing changes in the bedroom following opioid use? Usually these effects aren’t permanent.

For pain management, opioids can be effective, but side effects may include sexual dysfunction.

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