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Sleep and Sleep Disorders | Sleep and Sexual Health

If your sleep environment is a mess, your sex life could be a mess, too.

Is your sleep schedule messing with other bedroom activities?

Nocturnal emissions continue through adulthood, and they're nothing to be ashamed of.

Whether it’s a little extra lubrication or full-blown orgasms, women can have wet dreams, too.

Does sleep apnea get in the way of getting hot and heavy?

Sex dreams might be awkward, but they help you process complex emotions.

True stories of three people who impulsively have sex while they slumber.

Knowing your type of sleep animal can help you identify the ideal time to mate.

Experts explain the link between rest and romance, and how to score more of both.

Better sleep can unlock more productivity, greater overall health and an amazing sex life.

For some people, parasomnia can extend much further than just sleepwalking.