For years, the theory prevailed that exercising too close to bedtime would prevent you from getting solid sleep. On the surface, it makes sense. If you're hot and sweaty, and your body just got "woken up" by a good workout, logically it's going to be harder to fall asleep, right?

Luckily, science often does a good job of debunking popular, unverified hypotheses.

Numerous studies have addressed the effects of pre-sleep exercise, and with a few caveats, have indicated it's not a problem when it comes to hitting the hay. Exercise performed at any time of the day (including right before bed) can help you sleep better.

Exercise promotes sleep quality

Exercise and sleep are two healthy habits that go hand-in-hand. The more consistently you exercise, the better your sleep ends up being, and the more often you enjoy high-quality sleep, the more energized and ready you'll feel to exercise.

"Exercise can promote more N3 sleep—that's deep NREM sleep," said Joseph Krainin, M.D., president and founder of Singular Sleep, LLC, and fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. "This stage of sleep is the most '