What could be better than hot, steamy sex that makes you work up a sweat? But if you've been "working out" between the sheets, you may wonder if all the sweat is leaving your body devoid of important electrolytes. After all, every sports drink commercial and fitness professional seems to emphasize the importance of staying hydrated and replacing lost fluids.

If you're sweating a lot during sex, does that mean you need to grab a sports drink postcoitus to stay on top of your game? They taste great and all, but are they necessary?

Electrolytes and hydration

It's true that when you sweat a lot, in addition to losing water content, you're losing electrolytes. These electrolytes include sodium, potassium, magnesium and chlorine, all of which play important roles in muscle and nerve cell function, as well as cellular hydration. If you sweat excessively and lose a lot of electrolytes, whether through exercise, vigorous sex or just spending time outside on a hot day, failing to replenish these important nutrients through food or drinks can negatively affect your body's ability to adequately rehydrate, even if you're consuming a lot of water.

But there are two major caveats to consider. First, you have