Once a man reaches middle adulthood, chances are he's got a pretty good grip on masturbation, so to speak. But all that "research" might make for a monotonous routine. As boys hit adolescence and ride that tsunami of hormones, they learn to be sneaky and quick when it comes to self-pleasure to avoid getting caught. Once they've grown up, they tend to continue the patterns they developed in their youth, including rapid-fire masturbation.

Luckily, as adults, most men don't need to worry about a parent or younger sibling walking in while they're in the middle of getting hot and heavy with themselves. Taking a foot off the gas and actually enjoying masturbation is way overdue for many men.

Here are a few tips and tricks to breathe new life into an old, favorite pastime.

Wank after your workout

If you've ever noticed you're extra horny after putting in some time at the gym, you're not alone—although it might be nice to spend a few minutes alone after you hit the showers.

Working out releases hormones such as