Heteronormative society is all about the erect penis, penis-vagina penetration and the notion that when the penis ejaculates, sex is over. Where does this leave male sexual exploration?

The conversation around sexual stigma tends to focus on women exploring their sexuality, but for men, not so much. Heteronormative sexual standards that pressure men to be dominant and focus solely on penetrative sex negatively impact how men treat women and curb male exploration of pleasure, and might even exacerbate performance anxiety.

"Heterosexuals drive the rules from the very beginning," explained Maria Peraza Godoy, M.D., urologist, andrologist and co-founder of Healthy Pleasure Group, a sexual health and technology company based in London. "Heteronormativity is so phallocentric, not just in bed…Gay men have been historically more free to experiment with sexuality because they're already marginalized. Straight men have the social punishment of being 'macho.'"

Luckily, these stigmas are slowly eroding, as we can see in the explosion of