Flo Oliveira was right about to orgasm—but then they felt a distinct pain in their vagina. "[It] felt like cramps, almost as if my pelvic floor couldn't clench down fully to orgasm. It just felt stuck," said the nonbinary sex educator, 23, from California.

The sensation lasted for about five minutes, and Oliveira, understandably, couldn't ignore it. "I had to immediately stop all sexual activity and penetration," they said. "I would just curl up [in the] fetal position and breathe through it." This was the only way they could manage the ache.

The cramps popped up when they were on the brink of an orgasm on and off for months. This caused Oliveira to associate sexual experiences with uncertainty and worry.

"I feel like my anxiety of it happening usually made it happen again. Most times, if it happened out of nowhere, [it] really [messed] with my mental health," they said. "It was mostly around the time I felt something was wrong in the relationship, too. I feel like my body